Back to school checklist

My son is starting in year 8 and as we have had so long off school lately we are struggling to get back into the swing of routine so I created a printable checklist and put it into an A4 picture frame in his room. As usual I used trusty to create…


My planning tools and creating your perfect planner

I personally absolutely love a to do list and a planner. Over the past couple of years I have found that I am repeating my lists in multiple places, for example my calendar and reminders are in Google Calendar but I also write them down in my paper planner. I love writing to…


Fridge labels

I’m a big fan of labelling items as I live with two boys and I have found that if I label the areas where I want things to be put I have a much higher chance of those items being put back in those places. I had some leftover blue vinyl so I…


Food Container labels

I have been labelling my food containers using my label maker but I wanted something more impactful and colourful. I am the only girl in the house (well, me and the dog!) so I went with blue vinyl for the labels rather than the usual black or white. Mainly just because I had…


Stock cube storage

I love cooking fresh food from scratch and I follow slimming world a lot of the time which is easier to follow if you do home cooking so I have all of the stock cube flavours on hand at all times. If you’ve never tried adding a vegetable or chicken stock cube to…


Drawer labels

I don’t know about anyone else but my son keeps his room a lot tidier if I give him a place for everything and label those places. I even label his clothes drawers. Normally I use my trusty label maker but he has a stack of large plastic drawers that he stores his…


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