Travel Important Information Template

I will confess to being a self-diagnosed over planner. Before each trip I like to print everything out when travelling and create a little folder to take on each trip. You may or may not find I have kept each trip folder for memories. Typical content for the folder includes: -insurance details, print…


Travel Itinerary Template

Yes I know I'm writing about a travel itinerary template when right now the furthest a normal person can travel is their local park! But one day we will be able to travel again and sometimes the thought of stepping onto a plane is the only thing that gets me through a day…


Packing checklist and outfit planner

I’ve used Canva to create a packing checklist and outfit planner. I find planning outfits for myself and my son makes it so much easier to pack and remember everything I need. Even if we don’t wear the outfits in the order that I’ve planned the point is I know I’ve got enough…


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