Daddy here comes Mummy sign

Daddy here comes Mummy sign

I wanted to DIY a ‘here comes Mummy’ sign as all the signs I saw were £15 plus and I knew I could make one for less than that.

I actually had a blank canvas already in my craft stash for future projects so mine was effectively free for this project. However if you needed to buy one hobbycraft have a lot of white canvases the same as mine.

I have a Cricut Explore Air and use it for all kinds of projects. I got some blue vinyl for this project as blue is my wedding colour but you could use any colour vinyl.

Use the Cricut design space programme to type out your text to the required size for your canvas, I left space for blue ribbon at the top to decorate.

After the Cricut finished I weeded out the letters and applied the transfer tape so I could move it onto the canvas. I actually misjudged the original blue vinyl so the s on comes wasn’t included, I had to recut the s.

I applied the vinyl lettering to the canvas and used a glue gun to apply ribbon to the top of the canvas. I was going to add a ribbon handle for my son to hold but he said he would rather hold it on the edges instead so I’ve left it off for now. Here is the finished product.

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