Father’s Day Ideas

Father’s Day Ideas

With Father’s Day coming up on 21st June 2020 some DIY projects you can do with items you might have on hand are:

– Cookie mix or cake mix jars, put all the dry ingredients into an empty clean jar with a label with instructions on tied around the neck

– Coupon book to be filled out by the child some examples could be breakfast in bed, walk the dog, night of babysitting by grandparents etc;

– Chocolate bar thank you poster, use chocolate bars instead of words and stick them onto poster board in place of the words for example ‘Daddy I love you because you always make me snicker with laughter’

– Pizza gift card or favourite restaurant gift card

– Any plain ceramic decorated with sharpies and baked in the oven means the sharpie won’t wash off after use, you could decorate and bake a mug, plate, accessory dish

I’ve put a load more ideas on a Pinterest board which can be found here https://pin.it/10VZOex

You can download the coupon book shown above for free Father’s Day Coupon Book Download

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